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Buying our catamaran

When we purchased our Catana 411, we had a wonderful experience…

THANK YOU…yes YOU pt 2

As we stated before, here we will continue to say Thank You to one and all for their help, their insight and their opinions.  There are many, many more responses that are Jolly and truly amazing, if you want more, speak up and we will… Continue Reading “THANK YOU…yes YOU pt 2”


Part One: When people say sailing is very communal, as a new sailor, I never really understood this comment and I’m still just scratching the surface.  James always spoke of how social a sailing life can be, how the people around pull together to… Continue Reading “THANK YOU…yes YOU!”

Worldly Possessions

Day sailing, weekend voyage, a week here or there, summer vacation or liveaboards, we all enjoy our vessels. We enjoy the freedom of travel, we enjoy the sensation of being on the water, we enjoy not being confined by the daily grind of traditional… Continue Reading “Worldly Possessions”


Many of us dream of sailing away to far places. Many to escape cold weather like ourselves or maybe it is a desire to see how other people live in other countries. Whatever the reason most people have somewhat of a plan that they… Continue Reading “PATH OF TRAVEL”

Why do you Sail?

The water is all around you, your boat is swaying gently with the waves and you can feel your whole body at peace.  We know this feeling because we live on a sailboat or we are striving to live on one. BUT… We have… Continue Reading “Why do you Sail?”

Sailing Destinations

Your vessel is loaded, you have everything you need, food, water, supplies…but now what.  Where do you what to go? And what are you going to need when you get there? The not so fun side… When you enter into a different country there… Continue Reading “Sailing Destinations”