OK, Ocean Phoenix is currently on the hard 😦 , but we will be launching her next season and staying on a mooring.  (We have no idea where yet, this will be a new post.)  We are hoping to launch as early as we can but we do have some repairs that have to be taken care of first.

List One – repairs that should be done before we launch

  • Does our head work? We know we need to replace the Y valve cause its stuck pumping overboard.
  • Install a macerating pump
  • Install new water bladder
  • Install new waste bladder
  • Inspect the packing gland
  • Inspect all through hulls.
  • Purchase a stern boarding ladder and install.
  • Remove old name of the boat and install new lettering and graphics
  • Painting the exterior of the vessel – Bottom paint.
  • Nav, stern, masthead and steaming lights need to work.
  • Electrical woe’s – desperately need a refit soon! We did however get the water & bilge pumps running.  Also, finally got the GPS to get a fix.

List Two – repairs that can be done while on a mooring

  • Teak repair and conditioning
  • Build and insert shelves into the aft cabin
  • Build and install an anchor locker
  • Convert ice box to refrigeration unit
  • Replace or repair some of the floor
  • Painting the interior of the vessel

As with all or many sailboats, you may find that this list continues to grow…I am sure that will be the case with us as well!  But you know what?  We love a good project and we really can’t wait to get started.

Like and follows us here and on Social Media to watch our progress.  Does our list grow?  Will it shrink?  Time will tell, but one thing is for sure, we will love every second of it and share it with you! 🙂

Yellow Jacket is for sale

From our previous post, you may have learned that we had a wonderful time on our Yellow Jacket.  But also that we have just purchased something larger.  So we have decided to put Yellow Jacket on the market.  Here are her specs:

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Boat Shopping

If you read our previous post, then you already know that we had a great time on Yellow Jacket.  She is a fabulous vessel, but we have decided to pursue our forever boat.  The first boat that we looked at was a C&C 41, she was a really nice boat, up to date, clean and ready to go. This boat was open and bright, the owner had installed some really nice additions as well.  This being my first boat shopping experience, I really wanted to look around.  James and I agreed that we would take our time and perhaps make the purchase in the spring.  On to boat number two, this was a C&C 37R, she was in bad shape, not only was she dirty, but almost everything was out dated, and the cushions all torn.  She was a racing boat through and through and only ever used as such. The v-berth and table were out, everything was bare and empty.  She had also been sitting on the hard for 3 years. But she had a completely different layout versus the 41.  This boat had an aft cabin as well as a split galley.  This was food for thought. Number 3 was a C&C 40 Deep Keel,  very clean boat, but it felt small and closed in, we spent about 10 minutes on the boat and we were ready to leave.  Number 4 was a C&C 44, she was awesome.  She had an aft cabin, which by now was becoming a must, beautiful wood work, everything we needed and just a little cleaning. This boat had two heads, ample storage in the aft cabin for clothes and such, doors to close off the two main cabins and so much more.

But at home each night, we always come back to one boat…the C&C 37R, yes she needed work, and a good cleaning, but at the end of the day she had everything that we wanted.  We went back for a second view and look in, at, over and under everything that would move, and we loved her even more.

The paperwork is complete and we are the proud owners of Ocean Phoenix (we gave her this new name).  WOOT WOOT 🙂

Stay tuned and we will tell you more about our decision to buy the C&C 37R over the others.

Our Vacation

On Friday morning we drove from our home in New York to Gananoque, Ontario to launch there.  After stepping our mast and loading up our supplies we got Yellow Jacket into the water.  We left her tied off near the boat ramp while we park the truck and trailer in the designated area.  Gananoque is wonderful, we were able to access their free shuttle to and from the marina and the parking lot or stores. After checking in and getting our slip number for the evening we were all set. We spend two nights at the Gananoque Marina as a big storm was coming through.  Sunday morning was brilliant, the sun was out and the weather was warm.  We headed to Endyimion Island first and had intentions on staying on a mooring.  Due to water levels many of the docks and moorings were closed.  We did find a small space on one of the docks (good thing she is only 22′).  On Tuesday we sailed around a little and decided to check out Beau Rivage.  We stayed for three nights on Beau Rivage.  We did some fishing, a lot of swimming, some snorkeling and hiking.  The sunsets were amazing. On Thursday we were back in the marina in prep for leaving on Friday morning.  She came out of the water just as easy as she went in.  Everything was loaded and ready to go.  End of our vacation 😦 , but we had an amazing time 🙂 .


From the Beginning

Our dream…to retire when James turns 55, myself 50 and sail away into the great blue yonder.  Yup, we all have dreams and some of us out there share this same dream. We have ten years to turn this dream into reality.

James has owned boats in the past, a powerboat first and then a Beneteau 323.  After the sale of both he became a beachcomber, a sailor without a ship.  I have had no real experience, the occasional fishing trip and ferry ride, lol.  Shortly into our relationship, I understood how important his passion was and I was excited to give something new a try. About a year into our relationship (November 2016) we came across a CS 22 for sale at an auction, we decided on the highest price point and WE WON!  The first time we seen her, she was so sad looking, but we fixed up the trailer and pulled her home.   We spent the next several months during the weekends working on her.  We must have cleaned out about 50 clay wasp nests, hence the name Yellow Jacket.  Fast forward to summer 2017 and we have a beautiful boat ready for the water, we added items, took out items and designed a crutch for the mast.  We now have a week vacation and decide to take her to the Thousand Islands.