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A hidden Gem

As some of you may know, we love to get out there and explore…new areas, new towns, to take a walk or a sail somewhere new. Even now, with COVID concerns there are ways to have those experiences. With Rhode Island closed to us… Continue Reading “A hidden Gem”

Spring Checklist!! Getting ready for a new season of sailing.

Hello everyone, Here we go again for yet another sailing season spring prep. As if we all didn’t have enough challenges getting everything done before we splash, now the universe throws us a curve ball with COVID-19. As many of you know Tammy, Ray… Continue Reading “Spring Checklist!! Getting ready for a new season of sailing.”

The search is over! We have found our new vessel.

The search is over! We have found our new vessel. So how does a person make such a big decision? Well its not easy that’s for sure. So lets cover a few vessels we seen and what our opinion was of each vessel. 

Our Decision to sell Ocean Phoenix and why?

Why are we selling Ocean Phoenix…she is an amazing vessel and we have had a great time on her, but now we are looking at a Catamaran.

Could it be true…Ocean Phoenix is for sale?

Could it be True…Ocean Phoenix is for sale? After a lot of soul searching, yes she is…we love her but have to let her go.

Her first trip… sailing to Martha’s Vineyard

Our first sailing vacation

Dripless Shaft Seal

Last year we were really watching our packing glad, the thin jam nut seemed to be warped a little and we were unable to lock it down like we wanted to. We could get a slow drip but had a slow steady stream after… Continue Reading “Dripless Shaft Seal”

It’s that time of year 😎

Spring is right around the corner (literally, it’s tomorrow lol) and that means it’s boat prep time. Last fall we got ambitious and we decided to bring home all the flooring from our sailboat with plans on redoing them. Well, we have started. The… Continue Reading “It’s that time of year 😎”

We miss you…

It’s almost the middle of December, it’s still green outside right now, but oh boy, it’s cold.  While December brings a lot of joy and happiness, James’ Birthday, Christmas and festive holiday season, we can’t help but miss her. Ocean Pheonix is all closed… Continue Reading “We miss you…”

Great places to visit!

As we travel places, whether by boat or other means we want to share our experiences with you.  There is so much to see, to do and to experience in life, and sometimes you have to share those experiences.  This is ours… As you… Continue Reading “Great places to visit!”