The aspiring Captain. I have always been drawn to the water whether it is on a boat or 120ft under the surface its a passion. I started sailing in the early 2000’s on small Hobbie cats. I was fortunate to have been a patron of a great marina where I was introduced to the cruising type vessel. My good friends Bill, Peter, Niki & Sten took me under there wing and showed me the passion for sailing and also the technical side of it. I have since taken that lifestyle and hooked my wife Tammy and our young lad Ray into the mix. She is a true sailor at heart and my co-captain. Ray is full of drive and is excited to learn a new way of life.


Hey all, so this is me…I love adventure, trying new things and pushing the limits. You only live once and you have to make the most of every moment. I am blessed to have an amazing family, my Husband James is caring and supportive and my Son Ray is respectful and an awesome kid. I am extremely new to sailing, but I can not wait to get going. I was on a sailboat 3 times a couple years ago and then we spend a week on Yellow Jacket and that is about all I have. What I lack in experience I do make up for in enthusiasm!!!


I am excited to learn to sail.  I love being in and around the water.  I can’t wait to start recording everything we do on the boat so I can post it.