As with many of us 2020 had us asking questions like…

Can we work on our boat?

Can we stay on our boat overnight?

What are the repercussions of leaving the State?

If you are new or don’t remember we live in New York and keep our Catana Catamaran in East Greenwich, RI. Traveling between this two states was challenging at best. We arrived at our mooring June 16, 2020 after receiving permission from the state of Maine to sail our boat out. We enjoyed some time on the boat over the summer and found a place to haul out and store for the winter.

We knew we had a bottom repair to take care of over the winter and thought that we would leave the boat on the hard for the 2021 season…NOPE NOT GONNA HAPPEN

When we hauled in the fall we paid haul, wash, storage and launch, group pricing at $120/ft. We were short on time and unable to really look around at different locations and prices. Our original launch date was May 8, 2021 and in April with our hull repairs still not done we thought it might make sense to stay on the hard to do some of the repairs that we wanted to take care of. Our hit list was large, scrap and replace the bottom paint, paint and wax the entire boat, new solar array and panels, new wind generator, and so on… To stay on the hard and work on our boat the cost was the same, we had to pay the grouped rate of haul, storage and launch. Not something we wanted to do…

Is this a normal practice at your marina? At our previous marina’s this was not the case and I guess you could say we were shocked at the cost of staying on the hard and not having our boat moved at all.

Now…We have decided to get splashed, we will do what we can before June 12, 2021 and then shop some new marina’s and determine their prices and terms. But before we splash, how much can we get done…

Do you know of a marina that can haul us…we are 41′ in length and have a beam of 24′?

Thanks all

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