Getting things ready on Dragonfly after our purchase

So we made it to Maine on a Friday afternoon in June with a lot of stipulations due to Covid. But that’s the way the chips fall so what are ya gonna do.

First step was to install the 4 new 4D batteries that were identified in the survey as being weak and not retaining a charge. We had purchased them before hand so we could do the swap right away as we were living on Dragonfly on the hard for the first week.

So Saturday morning, first light, we started to remove the old batteries from the aft cabins but they looked much larger than the batteries we purchased. And just like that we had bought the wrong batteries!!! Our survey and the listing identified them as 4D but they were actually 8D. Now what do we do??? Thank god we found a battery supplier in Portland that had the exact batteries we needed and we were able to get back on track.

Sunday Tammy completed the bottom paint all by herself and it turned out fantastic. I started on the stern drive servicing and replacing the anodes on both sail drives. Had a few other mechanical items to tweak before we launched as we had the boatyard mechanic give the engines a lookover and he ran them to ensure they worked.

After the batteries were installed, all the systems came to life. We had to recharge the fridge with refrigerant but the Engel fridge/freezer unit worked and all the electronics were working as they need be. We managed to get the propane system running and tested the stove. The only thing we could not test yet was the water pumps as we had no access to fresh water yet. We checked the running rigging, hoisted the sails and messed around with the lazy jack setup for the whole day on Monday.

That Tuesday we cleaned while we were waiting to launch. Storing things and seeing what was in all the containers. We inherited a ton of spares for Dragonfly. The old owners had the boat well maintained and over the years had collected a huge inventory of items. (this will pay off when we anchor our first night)

Wednesday we hit the water late in the day and she was finally close to stretching her legs. Our surveyor came to complete the sea trial for us on a Rainy Thursday afternoon and we took advantage of the wet weather and cleaned off the decks and cockpit area. She was really dirty from sitting on the hard all winter and being close to the road didn’t help.

Friday morning we set sail for the first time on our Catamaran!!!!!!!!!!!! We were just a little excited. Next stop was to get some fuel and then a short 3.5hr sail to our first anchorage in Cape Porpoise.

This was a dream come true for Tammy and I as we have big plans to retire in a few years and sail the world. Keep following as we sail to our first anchorage and start our charted 6 day passage home to East Greenwich, RI

Cheers to you all,

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