We have sold Ocean Phoenix.

Over the last few years we had a great time sailing on Ocean Phoenix. She was a fast, sturdy boat that handled very well! Our trip to Martha’s Vineyard and back was one we will always remember! Unfortunately, due to the amount of space onboard we bought a catamaran and had to say good-bye.

The selling process was a interesting experience. We knew about the delamination on the bottom of our boat and had considered fixing it ourselves, but living in New York and keeping the boat in Rhode Island was proving to be a key factor. So we decided to lower the price so someone else could take this on. The negotiations were fine in the beginning, and then the test sail happened… We were expecting the two of us as the sellers and the buyer, a friend of his and the surveyor. All of a sudden we have two additional people joining us (one in healed boots). I don’t know about anyone else, but test sails are a pretty big deal and can be nerve wracking…Anyways, we all set sail and got into the bay, raise the sails and killed the engine. All is great, perfect wind, the surveyor is doing his thing and is happy and the guests are kicked back and chilling.

Then it starts – Guest one is at the helm and stats that he can not turn the helm wheel, the buyer starts to make comments and you know what it was…guest 2 was swinging her feet and hit the auto helm button. The unfortunate part of this was this exact situation happened three times, and all with the same response from everyone who was at the helm. And these people were supposed to be seasoned sailors????

We decide that its time to head back in and put the boat into the wind in order to lower the main and nothing happens. The main is stuck at the top of the mast. Again, all you can hear is comments from the potential buyer. We work with the surveyor and the friend for 10 minutes trying to get it down with no luck at all. Just as we get organized to go up the mast, we fell off our current tack and the sail comes loose itself. Talk about a sign of relief.

At the end of the day the buyer did purchase the boat, but not without a lot of grief, miscommunication and a wishy washy attitude. I think if we are to sell another boat we will invest the money and have a survey done ahead of time to ensure we have the right information and not relay on what is said from the surveyor to the buyer and then to us.

The biggest part of this for us, we did not want to keep incurring the storage costs or continue to keep her on the hard, she is a great boat and I hope her new owner enjoys the boat as much as we did.

4 Replies to “SOLD”

  1. Tell us about your new cat and what that purchase experience was like. How’d you find her…etc.? I appreciate your posts.


  2. I see you have sold “Yaquina”. It’s hard for me to think back 30 years ago and all the great racing we did. Who did you sell her to and where is she headed?


    1. Hello Charles, Yes we did sell “Yaquina” to a gentleman in New Hampshire. We do believe that it’s Portsmouth, New Hampshire. While we loved our time on her, and the way she sailed, a catamaran allows us the extra space that we need. Happy Holidays to you and your family and we wish all the best for 2021. James and Tammy


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