Stuck on the Hard!!

Good morning everyone. As I write this post in my living room I cannot help but feel the sense of ” wasted time” on a perfect boat prep day. Why would you say this you may ask? Well….. we are stuck on the hard – literally.

Like many others around the world this is the time that we spend completing all the little or even bigger jobs while we are hauled to get us ready for the summer boating season. Bottom paint, hull cleaning and wax, rigging repairs and so on are just a few things we spend time on in the spring.

Covid-19 has definitely thrown a curve ball at all of us and as much as we want to just go out and start our preparation rituals in the boatyards, many of us are at home waiting it out – unable to travel – and unable to access our vessels.

Tammy and I have 2 boats right now, Ocean Phoenix in Rhode island and Dragonfly in Maine. Both very non accessible for us right now due to the 14 day quarantine protocol everywhere. And we have big TO DO lists for both of them. We could go down to each of them separately and stay the 2 weeks on board or in the 5th wheel. That would allow us to complete all of our repairs and get them ready to go when we all get the green light to launch. But we only have so much vacation time and Tammy has half the time that I have so its not a great option.

Also to make things even more complicated, we have the sea trial for Dragonfly to complete in June so we can sign off on any escrow items that may be lingering. And we have several items ( Our Main Sail being one) that is in storage in Massachusetts. We are likely going to have to postpone our sea trial to a later date.

As human nature normally dictates the initial thought process is a selfish one. If we could complete several day trips on the weekends we could get everything accomplished but there are no guidelines on travel through separate states and stopping anywhere. I understand if your final destination is a specific state, and you are staying, you have to Quarantine for 14 days but what if a person is not staying? What if we drove to Massachusetts, gathered our items in storage and drove back to our home state the same day? We can pack our own food in the cooler and only stop for fuel.

On the financial side. Did we Pay for our mooring in Rhode Island in February and now loose our mooring fees for this year without even using it? Are we going to have to pay for Summer storage for Dragonfly in Maine if we cannot launch our Cat before the Summer storage fees start? Do Tammy and I take unpaid leave from work for 2 weeks to get the Cat ready 14 days before the sea trial and sail away to Rhode island in hopes that we do not have to self Quarantine again once we arrive at our mooring? Or do we just suck it up, take the hit of all the extra costs and use this time to complete all the items needed for both boats on the hard once travel opens up?

The bottom line is we are ethical people no matter how much our minds drift off to the anxiety of not knowing if we will ever have any sailing season this year. Covid-19 is no joke and we pray that all of our friends, family and all those we meet along the way stay healthy and safe. So for that reason we are staying put at home and watching sailing videos on YOUTUBE!! I know there are lots of you out there going through the same issues as we are right now.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone on the water again at some point and years from now it will be a point of conversation that we look back on and say “we got through this together”.

Fair winds to all,

Tammy and James



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