The search is over! We have found our new vessel.

Hello everyone! When we last left off we were searching for a Catamaran that would accommodate all of our cruising needs. At the time we decided to sell Ocean Phoenix we had viewed a few different vessels in the North East US and had made arrangements to travel to South Carolina to view another.

So how does a person make such a big decision? Well its not easy that’s for sure. So lets cover a few vessels we seen and what our opinion was of each vessel.

First up was a PDQ32. She was like new inside and out. The pride in ownership was incredible and being familiar with the PDQ line of boats she is very well built. The price was well within our range and she was close to Rhode Island. Unfortunately she was too small overall. She also had a very deep cockpit and it was hard to view your surroundings unless you were at the helm sitting in the chair. That being said though you were very well protected in the cockpit.

PDQ 32

Next was a Wildcat 350. Alright, this was much better. Nice lines, nice cockpit, nice interior, this was looking promising. It didn’t have the galley up we wanted but still the layout was good. With her 20′ beam and the molded 2′ long swim platforms on each transom this was looking good. We spoke with the broker for awhile and mentioned that we wanted a boat we could cruise on. To our surprise he said not to go below 40′ for a live aboard, and preferably 43′ is ideal. He suggested this boat as a stepping stone to a larger vessel and it would get us into the Catamaran style of sailing but we would have to upgrade before retiring. Not exactly ideal and at a high price tag it did not seem like a good investment. The nail in the coffin for this vessel was each person who came up from each hull hit there head on the way up to the salon. “SMACK”!!!!!WTF!!! That was a very poor design flaw to say the least.


Moving on to the next vessel. She was a Catana 411. Build for blue water and performance and she showed well. This boat had a TON of storage space. She was roomy, bright and open. She was a galley up version with a huge salon area. Large windows with a panoramic view. 2 heads 4 berths and a great cockpit area. However all this came at a price and she was definitely at the top of our budget. The boat had 2 helm stations that seemed exposed to the wind, weather and spray and our concern was how to remedy that and still be comfortable on longer passages. She was well equipped and needed basically nothing. She needed some gel-coat work and had a few core repairs needed before going back into the water but overall she was a great boat.

Catana 411

Last but not least was a Fountaine Pajot Tobago 35. This boat was located in South Carolina. She seemed to have everything we wanted but to get her home was 800 NM sail back home. We were up for the challenge but not sure if we had the time off of work to bring her home. We contacted the owners and set a date to see her. ( We never made it)

Fountaine Pajot Tobago 35

Just before the new year we reached out to the Catana broker (East Coast Yacht Sales) for a second showing. This vessel really impressed us during the first showing. This time we focused on the helm positions and really digging into the inside of the vessel. The storage space and access to all the systems is amazing. We strolled out to the fore deck for one last look at the deck space and then met our broker back in the cockpit. We decided that this was the boat and made an offer.

And just like that we are now the proud owners of a Catana 411 Catamaran!(Just waiting for the closing date)


9 Replies to “The search is over! We have found our new vessel.”

  1. Congrats , we hope to leave UK around Aug.Sept to also get another Cat from USA what sort of prices are the other boats you did not take ? we are hopping to find something around $125k us Thanks


    1. Hello Andy. There are many Cats on the market that we found at that price range. They all needed a little work but you are getting into the 1995-2000 year range so it is to be expected. One cat that we were very interested in but never did get to see was a Fountaine Pajot Tobago 35. She was listed for just under 130K on


  2. Is your Catana have Lilly in the name? I also looked at her with Don Buckles, sure wanted to buy her, but snoozed. I’d really like to hear your real world experience with the aft exposed Thelma. Congratulations


    1. Hey, the boats name is Dragonfly, not sure what it was before. We were a little concerned with the exposed helms as well… we made 2 trips to see her. We will definitely be doing a post on the helms, if you want, click on the follow button and enter your email and when we have a new post, it will go directly to your inbox. Cheers


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