Our Decision to sell Ocean Phoenix and why?

So our last post spiked a huge round of questions. But the biggest is… Why are we selling our beloved Ocean Phoenix?

So lets backtrack a little to this past summer. We were planning our first real significant sailing trip since our purchase in 2017 to Martha’s Vineyard. We had been completing many upgrades so we could outfit her for longer cruising once we retire. Ocean Phoenix is a true Bluewater boat and is solid in design. She is fast and points incredibly well and from a safety and performance point of view she will go anywhere we want to travel. And let me say, the feeling you get when your sailing with your rail skimming the top of the water is an amazing thrill…but.

We started the task of loading all of our gear that we wanted to use while we were on the island. Snorkel and scuba gear, bikes. spare main and head sail ( just in case).  We figured out where to stow all of our gear but overall it seemed a little tight. That got us thinking about how much space we will really need when we start to live aboard on a permanent basis. If you cant stow it you don’t have it!

We are a very active family and for us, our gear for our water and land activities is a must have while cruising. So the big question is how we make more room on our current boat. We hammered out a bunch of design changes for the interior and looking at our storage options for our scuba gear, tanks, air fill compressor. Where we can store a small 2000 watt generator for a little more AC power etc….. you see where we are going with this right?

This brought up the ever controversial question amongst sailors – Monohull vs Multihull. I wont bore everyone with the pro’s and con’s as it is more of a preference of which one is better as a living platform for each individual. I have always loved the space a catamaran has to offer yet they are a much larger investment. However now we are in a position to buy, and rather than waiting a few more years, we have decided to make a change sooner than later.

So now the search is on for a Catamaran with the space we feel is needed to accommodate all the things we need and want to do when we finally set sail. And if we do not find a suitable “Cat” or a new owner for Ocean Phoenix, rest assured she will be in the water next season for another summer of sailing.

Merry Christmas everyone!

James and Tammy






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