Dripless Shaft Seal

Last year we were really watching our packing glad, the thin jam nut seemed to be warped a little and we were unable to lock it down like we wanted to. We could get a slow drip but had a slow steady stream after motoring for a while, not urgent, but made us want to look at replacing this. After some research, we decided to purchase a dripless shaft seal.

As expected the removal of our current packing gland proved to be quite the challenge. We had previously, the week before, soaked the motor coupling with PB Blaster. We let it sit overnight to soak in a little. There are 2 grub screws that hold the coupling to the shaft. One came out with a little effort but the other would not budge. Eventually, I snapped the one screw off flush with the coupling hub. So out came the drill to remove the broken end.

Once that was done we tried to use a 2 bolt puller to remove coupling… nothing. Then added a little heat to try and “wick” the blaster into the seam of the shaft bore and expand the coupling slightly…. nothing. At this point, we decided to split the coupling with a cutting disk on a grinder at the keyway, tapped in a feather wedge to spread it a little and …. success!

We used some emery cloth to clean up the shaft. The cutlass bearing looked great and there was only .002″ thou of wear on the shaft so at least we don’t need a new shaft also. We gave the shaft seal parts a quick test fit, all good, and we will order a new coupling from “General Propeller” in Florida on Monday.

Upon assembly, I will use a little anti-seize to make life easier for next time.

A big shout out to Paul.G of Magicflyte, fellow C&C owner, for his guidance and offer to use his alignment bushing for the new installation.


Tammy and James Doucette




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