A Great Time!

The Toronto Boat Show was fabulous! We stayed at the Western Harbor Castle and we definitely recommend this hotel, wow! The service was fast, professional but very warm.

The boat show more then exceeded my expectations. This was the first time for me, James had been there in the past. When you walk in it’s total sensory overload… in a good way of course. We explored some of the new sailboats on the market, and yes they were really nice but I think we will keep our little gem. We spoke to a lot of vendors, and got some great information. We even made a new friend! Daryl was the shopping for his boat, an 89 C&C 37/40 +. We had spoken to him numerous times via social media, but it was a great pleasure for us to speak with him in person and share thoughts and ideas about our boats! Daryl, we look forward to seeing you in Troy, NY, as you pass by on your way south!

We had a lot of fun shopping for Ocean Phoenix. We bought new Raymarine instruments, a steaming light, 2 day / night vents, and a refrigeration conversion kit for our icebox. We are really excited about the kit, we will be able to keep items colder and have more of a shelf life. This kit converts our icebox to a refrigerator and even has a small freezer. Nothing better then an ice cold beer!

We are excited for all the work we have coming up, we are looking forward to making this boat so much more for us. We will try as much as possible to take pics and keep you all updated with our repairs and progress.


Tammy and James on sv Ocean Phoenix

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