Our first sail

There are no words to describe that feeling…you unhook your boat from your mooring/dock for the first time and head towards your destination, near or far. 

Ocean Phoenix was new to use in August of 2017. We spent the offseason checking everything out, rewiring, fixing the plumbing, so on and so forth. We got into the water and onto our mooring for the first time and there she sat till now. Peter, the previous owner (Who’s Yo Daddy) offered to come out and show us some things, to teach us about the instruments and to answer whatever he could.

The day was cloudy, very cool temperatures, next to no wind and a chance of rain.  But we all meet on the boat and we have really happy we did.  Peter was a wealth of knowledge.  He helped us with what was wrong, made suggestions and showed us what was missing.

Next came the fun part.  We all wanted to take her out. We were not sure that we were going to be able to sail with almost no wind, but what the hell, we went. 

We let loose from the mooring and motored out.  Once we were in deeper waters and away from all the moorings we turned off the motor and up went the sails.  It is at this point that everything changes. She now has her own wings and man can she fly.  The wind did pick up to about 10 knots and we got up to 7.2 knots of speed.  It was a truly remarkable feeling, at the helm, tacking, any and all of the work is worth every second that you are under the power of the wind.

The three of us worked in sync and spent an amazing afternoon on the water in the cold weather.  We do have some things that we need to work on and with the assistance of Peter and some other helpful Facebook friends, we will get there in no time. 

Our next adventure is right around the corner…we are spending 10 days on board.  I know it’s not a lot, but with us in Troy, NY and the boat in Barrington, RI and having jobs and a son starting high school in September, we will have to bide our time.

A big thank you to Peter for selling us an amazing boat for you helping and teaching us. Can’t wait to do it again!

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