On the WATER

Friday, June 8, 2018, was the day the Ocean Phoenix got her bottom wet. As you know she has been on the hard for about 3 years.  We made some chances, installed some new safety items (high water alarm and bilge pump) and like all boat owners, held our breath during the first dip in.

The crew and staff at Stanley’s Boat Yard were amazing, and 100% professional!  This was my first experience with watching a boat transferred from land to water, James has seen this many times and never with any great success.  Watching this crew work together and move our vessel around was a pleasure.  They were gentle, considerate, willing to talk to us about what was happening and did a complete check over the whole boat. If you are ever in need of storage, mooring, or dock space and you are in the Barrington, RI area take the time to give Stanley’s a call and to check them out on Facebook.  

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Ocean Phoenix has been given a new lease on life, she is back in the water again and is floating proudly in the Barrington-Warren River.  We blessed her and asked the Gods that be for fair winds and calm seas.  Now we are going to enjoy her, learn about her, stretch her legs and see what she can do.

Cheers to her

To view detailed contact information for Stanley’s Boat Yard, check out the Work with Us section.  To view more pictures and videos, head over to our gallery section and make your choice there.

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