Major project #1

So here we are just weeks away from the first launch and we still had a few big projects to get completed. The salon windows, the water system and the bottom preparations.

2 weeks ago we removed ALL the salon windows and the top deck window. They came out pretty easy considering all the different bedding materials used over the years. A combination of Sikaflex (I think), white silicone, 3M 5200 and gorilla glue or some form of contact cement? Anyway here’s what we know for sure… the original bedding held really well for the first 20 years and we believe it was Sikaflex. However the other repairs done after that were AWFUL!!!!!



So we started from the beginning. Remove all the old bedding and start over. But what to use? All internet posts say butyl tape, however our windows do not have any fasteners. they are just glued to the fiberglass. Some say DOW 795 is the way to go. In the end we chose MULCO Supra Expert. It is a window adhesive that has 1400% elongation. Yes that’s right 1400%!! It is a thermoplastic material used for high rise windows that use Aluminum frames.

Lets get to the project now.

We arrived at the boat this Friday night and found that our plastic and Duct Tape had not held over the open holes that the windows were in. The inside of the boat was fine but we consider that a close call for a lot of potential damage. We had a rainy day  on Saturday so spent the day working on the final plumbing items. The hot water on demand was repaired and back in service and other than a small drip on the pump we are good to go. Got the propane solenoid valve replaced for the main system and mounted the TV to the bulkhead.


Sunday was somewhat overcast buy we decided to go for the windows regardless and take our chances with the weather. We taped all the areas we did not want the excess Supra to touch and started to place the windows. A 1/2″ bead of Supra Expert was layered on and we pushed the windows into place until we could see the adhesive squeeze out the edges inside and out. Placed a few sandbags on the face to keep in place and VOILA! Sealed windows we hope!!! Just have to trim up the material when we get back on the long weekend and seal the edges with 3M UV4200.


Its supposed to be rainy for the next few weeks so we will let you know if we have any leaks. We do feel pretty confident that it will work out for the best, if not we will go with Plan “B”… drill the windows and add some fasteners with butyl tape bedding. Time will tell.

The bottom repairs are pretty basic. Have some fairing compound to add around the keel and a epoxy repair around our head through hull. Some epoxy barrier coat to seal everything up and touch it up with bottom paint.

We are so very close to our maiden voyage. We hope to launch the weekend of  June 8th.

We will keep ya up to date on our progress!

James and Tammy on svoceanphoenix


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