The never-ending repair story

Why this title, because as all boat owners know the list of to-dos, must-dos and would like to-dos just never end, lol.

The last post we told about our spring prep list…well we got a little sidetracked.  Our list is now spanning a couple of years. Head over to Refit Projects & Cost for our to-dos and completed to-dos.

We have now spent 2 weekends in Rhode Island so far this season and here is update.

We spent Easter weekend onboard and wow that was a COLD, one.  This first weekend was all about the wiring and the leaks.  If you are following us on our Facebook group Sailboat refit and repairs then you have already seen the mess.  We started on Friday with trying to trace the wire for the nav lights, at one point they were working and then NO.  When wired before they were wired with the instruments switch, at least we know where it runs now.  Our thoughts were to change it to the running lights switch, which operates our interior red LED lights, but we need the nav lights when the instruments are on, not the running lights.  We may go with a separate nav lights switch in the near future.  Here is the before and after wiring videos.

In this video, almost everything is still in there. We found many wires that were not connected at all, it was a mess and there was a lot of tracing and track to do.

In this video, you will notice the large amount of wiring that we removed as it was no longer valid and 2 large pieces of dated equipment…So much better!

Saturday turned out to be a beautiful day, the sun was out and the temps went up a bit.  And today was a great day to tighten the toe rail, and every other nut we could get our tools on.  With the nav lights still being flaky, James has decided to run all new wiring and do a proper connection, as they are connected through the light in the head. I have set off on a mission to tighten and track our leaks.  Some of the nuts were great, others not so much, it was tedious but a must do.

We got all our supplies back onto Ocean Phoenix, as well as the re-purposed covers that we talked about in an early post titled Updating our Cushions.   After staining the fabric and redoing the zippers they look great onboard again.

This past weekend was our plumbing weekend with small odds and ends.  James worked all of Saturday ensuring that the water bladder was installed and connected, the foot pump was repaired and put back into place with the y-valve now connected to it.  Originally the waste bladder was connected, but with no way to pump out.  He installed a new hose connecting it to the deck fitting, y-valve, and bladder.  We have a new bilge float installed along with new Sahara bilge pump wired to a high water alarm as an emergency backup system.  In total, right now we have 2 automatic bilge pumps, 1 electric manual bilge pump, and 2 whale pumps.  We have tested our pumps and they are all working, YAY, our next job in this area is to run the systems for the water and flush everything and then get we are good to go.

Ocean Phoenix is almost ready for her name. While James was busy inside, I removed the old name from the transom.  I don’t think there is an easy way to do this but to grin and bear it.  I used a heat gun and straight blade to peel off the old vinyl.  It is a process, but for us and many others, one that is really worth it.  Our new letters are almost done and we should be able to do this really soon, based on the weather of course.

If you are looking for more information about any of the above, please write to us, we would be happy to help, as so many have helped us in the past.  You can also head on over to Facebook and find more discussions on our page.  Links are below.

Sailboat Refit and Repairs
SV Ocean Phoenix

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