2018 Preparations

AHOY sailors!!!

So its that time of year again when us northern folk are really starting to get into the swing of things for the summer boating season. Cleaning, polishing and fixing is just a few tasks we all endure or enjoy (depending on perspective) as we get closer to launch.

I truly enjoy the task of getting the boat ready for summer and this year is even more special as we get Ocean Phoenix ready for her maiden voyage after our purchase this fall. We have made a pretty comprehensive list of things to do and add on’s. And yes, we also have the must do’s at the top of the list.

time to sail

We got a few of the systems running last fall and started repairing and surveying the electrical system on the boat. We resolved the GPS signal loss issue thanks to my wife Tammy and her keen eye for detail (broken fuse holder). However the Nav lights that did work when I started, stopped working all of a sudden. So still some work to improve the systems on board.

Here is our list so far: Must Do’s

Install bow roller, install 4 cleats and 1 center bow cleat for anchor rode, new vinyl lettering for boat name, repair foot pump in galley, install repaired water bladder, replace “Y” valve for head septic, install 2 solar panels and controller, upgrade inverter to 1800 watt, get and set up BBQ.

Nice to do:

Install new Windlass, new instruments (Depth, speed & wind), LED lights for interior, high water alarm, install 30A shore power system.

We will post a few pics and think about doing some videos this year of our projects. We have found some great how to videos of us regular Joes working on our boats , so this will be a bit of “pay it forward” hoping others will benefit like we did. The best resource is other boaters.

As for mechanical preparations, we will be doing the standard items like battery installation,oil change and fuel filter, purging the water system. We will, however, also complete a few additional items suggested by some fellow boaters in our previous posts. Diesel tank will be drained and new fuel added with conditioners. We will also test the glow plugs and ensure they are working properly and check all fuel lines for leaks as the engine starts harder than I like.

And finally to ensure we stay afloat on our mooring we will check all through hulls and make sure they work (a bit seized up) and service the packing gland (may install a drip-less shaft seal in the future). Bilge pump is also a high priority to keep working and will likely add a second one for good measure that is attached to the high water alarm.

With so much to think of and consider, we want to make sure to have the MUST DOs done and not sink…is there anything else that should be or needs to be done before we put her into the water?

For now we have all our items scattered in our basement and garage being organized for relocation to Rhode Island in a few weeks.

Can’t hardly wait!

James and Tammy on svoceanphoenix

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