“Sail” tales…What now?

Our Sails are BACK!!!

From our previous post “Sail” Tales, you know that we took our sails to Kingston Sail Loft in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.  John looked over the six sails and the results…

  • Sail #1 – Kevlar, patched leech on both sides – GOOD SAIL
  • Sail #2 – Kevlar – DEAD
  • Sail #3 – Kevlar, delaminated –  ALMOST DEAD
  • Sail #4 – Kevlar, Heavy – ALMOST DEAD
  • Sail #5 – North White sail, tear fixed on the leech, cloth tears easily – JUST USE IT TILL IT DIES
  • Sail #6 – White Sail, very heavy, very old but structurally good – GOOD SAIL


Now what?

We have four that are dead or almost dead, two that are good and will be added to our other four sails in great condition, along with the two spinnakers.  It seems like a waste just to toss out the dead sails.  What do others do?  What do you do with your old sails?

I have seen beach bags made from sails, shoulder bags, shower curtains and a few other items.  Have you seen anything else?  Is there anything that can be made from our of old sails that would benefit us as we are sailing?  We would love to see some pics of what you have made?


James and Tammy

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