Updating our Cushions

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If you have read any of our past posts,  you know we have recently purchased our forever boat and we will use it on weekends and summer vacations until we retire in 9 years. We have a lot of work to do to transform her from a racing boat to a live-aboard cruiser.  We are planning on redoing the fabric and cushions completely in about 5 years, so we were hoping to re-purpose what we have.

At first sight, the fabric was faded but seemed to be in okay shape, so we loaded them into our car and took them home.  We wanted to take the fabric off and wash both the foam pieces and the fabric.

Washing the foam was a bit of a task, but fairly easy to do.  We had an extra garbage can (very large) and filled it with water, swimming pool chlorine and a splash of carpet cleaner with Febreze for a fresh scent.  We dipped the cushions in the water, squeezed the water out and left them to dry in the summer sun.  END RESULT…Fresh foam, waiting for the fabric

This is where things got interesting…

As you can see above, the zipper pulls that were used were made from metal, add this to the salt water environment and voila!!!  We tried to scrape it off and add new zipper pulls, but no…the corrosion was not coming off and we could not find matching plastic zipper pulls.  OUTCOMES THE ZIPPERS (great time for a movie, lol)

Pile of old zipper

So the zippers are out and our new products have arrived and are waiting to go in…

We were not happy with the faded look, after some research we have decided to dye the fabric…

Filling the washer

After we dyed and washed the fabrics we found that the edges were fraying badly.  We could not find any binding to fit our needs, but we did find ribbon.  We folded the ribbon in half with an iron and then stitched onto the fabric.  Very time consuming, but it added some great strength to the zipper area.

Fraying after the wash

We sewed the new plastic zippers into place, added the zipper pulls, sewed up the end pieces and hand stitched around the zipper teeth. At the time of this post, we are still working on some of the zippers.  As this is our winter project, it is a work in progress.  As we complete a zipper, we take the pieces downstairs and insert the foam back into them.  I have to admit this is the fun part of the whole process.

We laid down the batten and but the cushions on top to measure them out. After we had the batten cut, we spray glued onto the foam.  This gives it a softer and plumper feel and look.  Next, we cut a piece of silk film larger enough to cover the whole foam piece.  SILK FILM is your friend, it makes life so much easier!!!  We use our vacuum to suck the air out of the foam and then it slides right into place.  LOVE IT.

Seat with foamSilk Film 2






And now we have cushions that are one color (not faded), clean, fresh and plump.  We are so excited to get these back to our boat and to try them out.

We hope you find this helpful and should you have any questions, please feel free to ask.  We would love to hear your feedback as well, leave your comments below.

Cheers all

James and Tammy on svoceanphoenix

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