Understanding and Awareness

Self-Defense should be learned by both males and females.  It does not matter how old you are, self-defense is not about strength, it is about avoiding and getting out of dangerous situations.  As I proceed with our post, you will start noticing that I use general terms…we, the attacker, someone, people, they… The reason for this is that not all attackers are going to be a single one gender, males attack and females attack, it’s as simple as that.  It is careless to have people watch out for only one gender, it leaves them open and vulnerable to attacks by others.



When you walk down the street, in a mall, or any other busy area, how do you walk?  Do you lower your eyes to the opposite sex? Do you look away?  Are you slumped over? You should make eye contact with the people around you.  Tighten your core, straighten your back and shoulders.  As you do this, it will allow the people around you to see you as someone with strength and not as a possible victim. You will be more aware of what is happening.  Some attackers will be looking for a victim, if you do not present as a victim, at least it is a start and a good start.

When you visit a new place, there is usually a sense of urgency.  We want to see as much as possible, take in all the new sights, sounds, and tastes.  As you are exploring and tasting, keep your hands and arms free.  Purchase a backpack with multiple pockets.  You can keep our cash and valuables hidden deep, carry water with you, a whistle on the strap, and all your purchases can go into the pack.  This pack also becomes a defense tool, which we will discuss later.  This enables you to hide what you have bought and keep your hands free, just in case


Awareness of where you are and who is around you is extremely important.  Why…because knowing where you are and where your exits spots are can help you escape from a fire, an attack, or any other possible danger.  Knowing who is around you is equally important, is there a person who presents a danger, are you being followed, is there someone that needs help…

Can anyone relate to the following…

  • Leaving your office and your arms are full of paperwork, books, briefcase, the cell in your hand and your tired
  • Carrying so many bags of groceries at once you swear your arms will come right off
  • Reading a book, magazine, or looking at your cell phone
  • Jogging with music and both earbuds in
  • Exploring a new area, and being overwhelmed by everything around you
  • While traveling, you go off the path well traveled for a better look

All of these could put you at risk and have the potential of making you a target, you are distracted, unable to defend yourself and unable to identify situations.


  • Keep your purse or wallet closed and secure. Ladies, the strap over your shoulder and purse part closed and between your body and arm.
  • Don’t weigh yourself down with bags, make an extra trip.
  • Let people know where you are and where you are going
  • Trust your feelings
  • Look around and see what is there and who is there

More to come next time, for now, stay safe everyone!



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