The waters are calm, the refection almost mirror image.  As she stretches out from bow to stern she has a certain style.  Her lines are smooth and clean…flawless.

As she moves she has a classic grace about her.  She will slice through the water and flow over the waves.  As the wind expands her sails she starts to feel her full power.  She sets out, slow at first, as she gains speed she never loses her grace. She handles her power with ease.

She will take you places that you can only ever dream of.  Somewhere close for an afternoon outing with someone special or a passage through time to a far-off island full of grace and refinement.

She will teach you balance and culture.  She will teach you patience and endurance. Of course, there are more sophisticated beauties out there, newer, sleek, more elegant.  But once you meet her and form that connection, that’s it.

SHE…is your sailboat, she might have some years on her, but that gives her charm.  She has our respect and she gives us her joy.

The Daily Post Elegance

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