THANK YOU…yes YOU pt 2


As we stated before, here we will continue to say Thank You to one and all for their help, their insight and their opinions.  There are many, many more responses that are Jolly and truly amazing, if you want more, speak up and we will share them.  After all, it’s all of you that makes this possible.   Below we will continue with part two…

Worldly Possessions –

  • I knew a guy who had that beat. Instead of filling up his garage shelves with miscellaneous leftover stuff, he kept a huge collection of assorted fasteners in a secure and climate-controlled storage facility, and there was no charge until he actually needed to use one.
    He called it “the hardware store”.
  • Before you move aboard and cast off you don’t know if this will be a permanent way of living. My wife and I decided after 45 years of coastal weekend and vacation sailing to give it a go. We committed to each other to give it a year and then decided what we wanted to do. We rented the house, sold or gave away a lot of things, put a lot of our things in storage, gave away one car and stored one, gave up our slip and cast off. After one year we were still having fun so we continued. After three years of family, issues caused us to decide to move back into our house. So it turned out to be a good decision for us to keep it. A year later we are still trying to empty the storage unit. I don’t know where we ever put all this stuff before. As we unpack things that one or the other of us wanted to keep we are throwing out nearly half of it and don’t really need or want a quarter more. Of course, the cost of storage was more than the value of the stored stuff…but we just weren’t ready to get rid of it before. And we decided that if either one of us couldn’t part with a thing it was worth storing it.  So, you really just have to decide for yourselves what’s worth keeping and for how long.  Now we are happily sailing weekends and week-long cruises again. It is for us a win either way.
  • Who says you have to sell everything to become a liveaboard? Just buy a larger boat.

Why do you Sail? –

  • Freedom, lack of bureaucracy ( mostly ). really great times sometimes, some scary times that you survive. meeting people. Generally a life of extremes….. not boring. good exercise helps to have a sense of humor and a bit crazy, never-ending learning experience. Must be a lot more. I need a sleep !!!!
  • Good question and hard to answer.
    I suppose it is an activity the whole family can do together or for us maybe it is camping without the hassle of packing up the tent at the end of the weekend.
    You have got me thinking, maybe it is just the fact I like spending money, I mean what else do normal people spend their spare cash on?
    Who knows, but whatever the reason it is always fun to be on the water even if some days the family might not agree with my version of fun.
  • Sailing or cruising? I had a great 26nm sail yesterday that I fully enjoyed, playing with the boat trying to pinch a little more out of her, making sure I kept ahead of the charter cat trying to catch me BUT that’s a rarity, I cruise and sailing happens to be my main form of propulsion, I don’t do it for the sailing. The big question, and so many reasons, but the main reason for me is “the creeping death of sameness” that day to day normal life offers, how many lawns can one mow? A comfortable existence of hoarding more crap just doesn’t do it for me. When Saturday morning at Bunnings (home depot) is the highlight of one’s week, you know you’re in trouble! I look at my life as a book, and I want to write as many chapters as possible, each new place, each new person, each new problem adds to my life, currently writing Seychelles chapter. The busyness of doing irrelevant stupid little things that dwindled my days away at home prior to cruising didn’t seem like living to me, one year blurred into another, If I died tomorrow I feel like lived more in the last eight years than most of my homebound friends have lived or will live in their lifetimes, even the not so good experiences add color to my life, it’s all adventure. Sailboats are designed to move, cross oceans and go places, they teleport you to new experiences!!! IMHO.
  • Why I sail,,,
    Well, that is a loaded question with many answers. First, may I say because I bought this boat for my husband and I last April 2016 to have the best summer of our lives.
    Then sadly he died of a heart attack and he never made the maiden voyage mid-April of last year. So I am not a quitter and I had sailed (as crew only) on my father’s boat 35 plus years prior to owning my 322 O’Day. I needed to hone in on some sailing skills to continue to make my dreams come true. The freedom of space (meaning the waters) the wind in my sails has definitely brought me closer to my main purpose in Life which is, to Love All that I can about being Alive! It may be silly for some but I have met some wonderful people and they have taught me their skills. Still, I am developing my own way to manage and sail my boat. I call my self a “Sailtress” my word for a female Sailor. I have retired early because of a few health issues.  One being legally blind, two having By-pass surgery and 2 heart attacks and 2 stents placed all within the last 3 years this Dec. I am a strong will woman and I fear very little after all that I have lived through in 55 years.
    I remain strong in my convictions and with my pursuit to master my boat. She is my peace which brings me great happiness when I am aboard her. I apologize for the wordiness of this response, but I have found my Peace in Sailing.
    Cheers to All Who Love to Sail!
  • Because that is when the world makes sense

Thank you all

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