Relocate…One Country to another


July 2016 my husband relocated to New York from Kingston, Ontario, Canada.  He relocated for work purposes within the same company.  Our son and I followed suit a year later.  Relocation for us has been a very positive event.  I would think that for some people this can be a very trying and complicated business.  Now, don’t get me wrong we sure did have our ups and downs, and we are still waiting on an item to be processed, but this part is all of the paperwork and ensuring that everything is legal…there is not much that can be done here.

When we came to New York, we decided to live in the Albany area.  We are nestled between the Adirondacks, the Catskills and the Berkshires with the Hudson River flowing beside us.  No doubt that this a beautiful area rich in history as well. We have enjoyed every moment here.

As with any change or relocation, there are bound to be differences.  We moved 4 hours down the road, into a different country.  Kingston, Ontario Canada is only a four-hour drive to Albany, New York, USA.  Being so close we figured that not much would change as far as daily living…Wrong, there has been changes, neither good nor bad, just items that are different.  Here are some examples…

1. USA – Restroom
Canada – Washroom
You would think not a big deal, but if you really have to pee and you are standing there asking for a washroom and they have no idea what you mean

2. USA – Soda
Canada – Pop

3. USA – No Advent calendar
Canada – Yes, Advent calendar

4. USA – Beer is inexpensive
Canada – Beer is double the price

5. Healthcare. Now…. this is a tricky one, and can be quite political. Please remember that this is just our opinion.

       Canada – The healthcare is very Good. Basic Health care is covered within your taxes. You can upgrade through your employer for an additional fee if benefits are offered. There are some additional costs if you are Not Healthy that Healthcare does not cover. There is a lot more to this but this is it in a nut shell. Most don’t have to fret about the costs for the majority of procedures.

     USA – There Health care is AMAZING! as far as technology, doctors and wait times. However, there are many different levels of healthcare coverage. And with that if you are not Healthy it can cost you big dollars. If you are relatively Healthy and complete your checkups and take advantage of work benefits if provided the cost per year is actually less than Canada. Again, there is a lot more to this but that’s what we have found so far.

We love the changes, all the little differences, in our minds are great, they tell us that we are still learning, growing and changing.  And now we are doing all this in a new Country

So, as I stated before, our relocation has been amazing, we have found some new friends and much joy from moving here.  We have so much more to explore and learn from our new home and we are embracing it all with open arms.

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