Worldly Possessions


Day sailing, weekend voyage, a week here or there, summer vacation or liveaboards, we all enjoy our vessels. We enjoy the freedom of travel, we enjoy the sensation of being on the water, we enjoy not being confined by the daily grind of traditional life on land.

More and more we are trading in our land roots for an anchor, we lift that anchor and float, sail, or power away.  We all have material items, items that we have grown fond of, items that make life so much easier. We have art, stemware, china sets, kid’s toys, pictures and photo albums galore.

If you are a short distance traveler at the end of your day or destination, you can head back to port and enjoy your home and your comforts.  But perhaps you still have a few items that you brought onboard that give you comfort and joy.  Items that you prefer no matter what. A comfortable blanket, your favorite mug, perhaps a coffee maker even.  On your short trips what do you prefer to have?  What are some of the items that you just have to have on board?

If you are a liveaboard things are different.  Typically, we sell our homes, our cars, and most of our possessions. We take small items onboard such as dishes, pots, pans etc.  Maybe you take a photo album and maybe you take a couple keepsakes.  But what do you do with everything else?  Those of you the are currently liveaboards, did you sell EVERYTHING?  Does anyone have a storage unit with items in it and if yes, what did you keep?

Guys…what about all your tools? The compressors, the saws, and the endless containers of fasteners, the welding machines and anything else that may be in your garage.  James, my husband has a full garage, he has a tool for everything and for every occasion and sometimes he even has double the tools.  He is a welder/millwright by trade so when it comes time to set sail what do we do with the tools?

We had friends that sold absolutely everything, if it didn’t fit on their boat, it got sold.  Ten months into their trip of a lifetime they had an injury and needed to return home to recover.  So now what…they had sold everything at the start of their journey.  They need their own place to heal and so they found themselves starting over again.

What did you keep?  Do you utilize a storage unit just in case?  Many of you, I have noticed, have been liveaboards for 5+ years.  If you do keep items, at what point to you decide to sell them? Did anyone keep a car?

After you get through all the big items, what you are keeping and what you are selling, do you have that one item that you just had to take?  Please share your thoughts with us and with everyone trying to figure this out.

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2 Replies to “Worldly Possessions”

  1. Hello sv Ocean Phoenix,
    love your post, we sold our house 2 years ago. Took a 2 bedroom less then spacious apartment until we moved onto our 37′ C&C this May 2017. IN Sept we arrived in southern Lake Huron. Sarnia, Ontario, we have the boat out on the hard waiting for our transport company to back haul us to Florida. (Hopefully this week)
    We have been fortunate to have my parents to call home during this last transition to being Full time live Aboard in the Caribbean.
    Look forward to reading more of your blog.
    Georgie & Larry
    sv Cabernet
    we have a page on fb HookedOnCabernet

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