sailing routes picMany of us dream of sailing away to far places. Many to escape cold weather like ourselves or maybe it is a desire to see how other people live in other countries. Whatever the reason most people have somewhat of a plan that they would like to follow. It may be as simple as a daily plotted course or maybe more dramatic as a cir-cum navigation done over the course of years of planning.

Since Tammy and I have just purchased our 37R our first season will likely be filled with short sails to put her through the paces and get a feel for how she sails. I can see us doing several overnights and we are planning a week of sailing to Block Island and Martha’s Vineyard next summer to start. Bermuda is also a destination that we will likely do in the next 5 years.

Although for now we will have limited time for long passages it is always running through our mind….. where are we gonna go once we head south permanently? We have seen many places by land (Flight). USA east coast, Bahamas, TCI & Cuba just to name a few. I know that these are all on our hit list to sail to in the first few years of retirement.

A great resource for us has been other cruiser videos. Distant Shores ( Paul and Sheryl Shard) has been one of my favorites. They do a GREAT job with their videos and you get a feel for the places they visit. Another couple we have been following is “Gone with the Wynns” ( Nikki and Jason Wynn). They also do a great job with their videos and have been a great source of information also. There are so many others but these 2 seem to have our attention.

So with that being said please share with us your favorite destinations. Where did you visit? What caught your attention while you were there. This can be as short as a simple day sail to somewhere or as elaborate as a lifetime getaway.

For us our most memorable sailing trip was the 1000 islands on Lake Ontario, Canada for our Honeymoon. Since we are both originally from the Kingston, Ontario area it had a touch of home and it was breathtaking. Now that we hang our hat in Troy, NY and our vessel is in Rhode Island we are looking forward to some fantastic East coast sailing.

So grab a Pint of your favorite beverage and tell us where you went this past year (2017)


James,Tammy & Ray

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