Why do you Sail?

The water is all around you, your boat is swaying gently with the waves and you can feel your whole body at peace.  We know this feeling because we live on a sailboat or we are striving to live on one. BUT…

We have all been there…talking with friends, with our family and someone says, why in the world are you going to live on a boat.  They are confused and appalled, they can not understand why.  They try to talk you out of it, some are worried that you are going to sink, most of them have never been on a boat.

What makes someone leave everything we have known as comfort for so long, too sell everything in our 2, 3, or 4 bedroom homes and set off to wander the never ending blue waters.

Some sailors are born into this life, it is a cherished gift passed one to another, the passion and respect for the water.  Others are introduced at some point in their lives to the joys that water can bring.

Regardless of your start, we all become boat owners and some set off for uncharted waters.  The one question others all have in common is WHY?  Why do you sail? For those who do not sail or dislike the water they have a hard time with this, they cannot understand the appeal that it holds for us.

So, for each of you reading this…Why DO you sail?  Is it the lust for adventure?  Maybe you wanted to try something new and you got hooked.  Sailing can have a very social aspect to it, but you can also enjoy a life of solitude if that is your fancy, and sometimes right beside each other.  Do you enjoy people or maybe you want to escape them? Do you cherish the sense of freedom? What made you choose this lifestyle?

Take a moment, if you could please, and hit the comment button and tell us all Why do you Sail?

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