Sailing Destinations

20170814_195025Your vessel is loaded, you have everything you need, food, water, supplies…but now what.  Where do you what to go? And what are you going to need when you get there?

The not so fun side…

When you enter into a different country there are procedures to follow.  You have to pay a fee, enter into quarantine, and only aloud to bring certain items in with you.  Each destination requires a certain number of document copies, your passport, your licenses, your pet information, and whatever else is needed in that country in the correct number of copies per person.

The fee you have pay will also vary…some destinations have an all in fee, this will include your customs fee, your cruising permit, fishing permit and your departure tax. Other destinations will be paid individually, and to different people, with this, how do you know you are paying the right person and the right amount? Not to mention any extra trips you may want to take or parks you want to visit while staying at your destination.  Tips…who gets a tip and who does not, what if you try to tip the wrong person…any thoughts and stories on this?

The so much more fun side…

When you enter into a different country the sites, the sounds, the smells can be powerful! The water might be crystal clear and warm, the hills around you a lush green. And then excitement starts, you go ashore to look around, meet some of the locals and to do some shopping.  But where do you go, where is the places with the freshest produce the softest breads and ice cold beer (priorities right, lol)

Every destination has places that are a must see, food that is absolutely mouth watering and events that are fun and exciting.   Sailing has a community aspect to it, we help each other, we enjoy sun-downers together, and we watch out for others.

We all like to share where we have been we are proud of our vessels and of our destinations and others find the information really helpful.  I would like to encourage you to join the Facebook group called Sailing Destinations, this is not a promotion for one, but for all.  We want to know what you eat, what you really liked and what you disliked about your destinations.  Is there a local baker for fresh bread?  Is there a local market to support when we buy our produce? What are the procedures at the port of entry where you are?  What events are happening in your part of the world this holiday season? Is there a certain item that is a must have from each destination?

If you decide to join, please feel free to share any time and any items that you feel others could benefit from, we currently have some great members who share regularly and provide us with excellent data.  We want to hear from you about your Sailing Destinations and how you enjoyed them, what you would change and what you loved!

Here is a link to the group. Just click on JOIN

If you would like to view more follow this link.. just click on LIKE

Cheers and safe passage 🙂

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