The POWER part of sailing

20170825_130650So…. we all agree that sailing is not only the best way to boat but also the most economical. However, we all have those times when we have to start the motor and use mechanical propulsion to get to where we want to go. Whether we are motoring to make up time or due to a lack of wind, it is inevitable. Even just getting off a mooring or setting the anchor needs a bit of power to help us along.

The bottom line is, it needs to start when it is needed especially in an emergency. Ocean Phoenix is a bit of a hard starter. Although we have not had her in the water yet we did run the motor before purchase on the hard and we did winterize her this year. The mechanics who got her running after sitting for 3 seasons and our broker both commented that it took a bit to get her started and we found that it took about 45 seconds with the glow plugs and a full throttle to get her up and running.

The M35 Universal, I am told, have always been finicky but still…… does that not seem a little much? So the question is, is it bad fuel from sitting for 3 seasons? Are the glow plugs weak or is the relay not working at all? The motor was just overhauled before she went on the hard and I was assured she has about 5 hrs on the rebuild. When she is up and running it purrs like a dream and runs clean.

Does anyone else have any experience with the Universal engines ( particularly the M35). My experience has been mainly with Yanmar and they tend to run strong if serviced yearly. My plan is to drain all the fuel and start over fresh. New filters all around and some fresh engine oil should help also. I am curious how to check the glow plugs & relay to see if they are up to the task also.

  Your thought are welcomed…..


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  1. Hi fellow boater. I just bought a Pearson-35ft sailboat that has a Universal diesel engine model M-35-B The engine does well for me. We are unable to find the I.D. plate. My info comes from the surveyor. The boat mechanic that I hired removed the old fuel, bled the system.. It had original water pumps. Both are new now. I’ve run the engine for about ten+ hours

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