Food For Thought (2)

Hey you…yes you… the one currently looking at the screen, we need your advice.  Do you cook? Do you eat on your boat?  What are you favs?

Food do’s and food don’ts …Being someone who is super new to boat life and sailing I am trying to wrap my thoughts around many different things.  I am sure that there are many other newbies out there as well trying to find the same answers.

Bacon…YUMMY, everything is better with bacon, right?  Wrong…consensus say not in the galley, the smell, well yummy, sticks around for awhile and worst case scenario you get a grease fire on board.  If you have a deck grill then perhaps yes to bacon. So this has got me thinking, I read a lot of different sites, posts, etc but how do you weed through everything and remember for future reference.

Deck grills, interior stoves and ovens, pressure cookers, coffee makers, microwaves…There are so many ways to cook and prepare food, but you might be limited in space and power.  What works well for you?  We would love to hear from as many people as possible, what do you use on your boats? What is your opinion? Do you wish you had used something different?

Brussel sprouts, cabbage, beans, garlic and yes bacon are some of the many high smelling foods (some for different reasons 🙂 ) …but all are soooo good. And this is just locally, there are foods all over the world that should be tried and some that should be avoided.  What do you cook in your galley vs on your deck grill? Are there foods that you should just avoid?  What is your best recipe?  What was your greatest fail?

One last point on food for this article…storage.  Do you keep the original packages? I have heard that many bugs love to live in box board packaging (crackers, cereal etc…) because of the glue and its a great place to hide. Do you vacuum seal anything?   How much food do you keep stockpiled at any given time? What keeps the best and the longest? How do you store your spices?

Your time, thoughts and opinion are greatly valued here, please share them and share this post, the more information that we all have, the better the sailing journey becomes.

Cheers 🙂


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