We SOLD our boat!

Yellow Jacket is sold… We listed her about one month ago on Kijijj, We got some inquiries, took a couple phone calls and shared the information about her, but no offers. We left the boat in Canada when we were done sailing in the Thousand Islands and parked her on the side of a busy highway at a family members house. Two weeks ago we put a large for sale sign on the deck. People were stopping! We had several people stop by, look at the boat and then move on. Then it happened… This couple stopped and looked at her last Friday and Saturday, then he contacted us and we set a time this weekend to meet with them and show the boat throughout. We spend about two hours talking with this couple, they were really nice to speak with. Then the wife says “you know that you like the boat, you might as well buy it”, which of course made us feel great!

So they bought our boat. While we were at home earlier, we found it hard to find the right form to use without having to download or sign up to a bunch of useless sites. We found one that would work as far as information went and then revised it to suit our needs. We will be adding a new section shortly to our website, it will be “resources”, in here is where you will find the form. We completed two forms, one for each of us, accepted his payment and made arrangement for pick up.

We have offered to help step the mast the first time in the spring. Every boat is different and we have had the chance to learn a couple things that might help. Plus it gives us all a chance to catch up! All in all, our experience was amazing!

One Reply to “We SOLD our boat!”

  1. We are the people who bought ‘ Yellow Jacket’. It is now moored at Collins Bay Marina near Kingston, Ontario. It was renamed ‘Atlatona’ (which is an Aztec water god whose name means ‘She Who Shines in the Water’.)
    I did some rigging changes to make it easier to sail single handed and added a Solar panel. So far I have been out 4 times (twice alone and twice with a crew) and find it easy to sail (especially as I am 61 years of age).
    Good luck with Ocean Phoenix!
    Michael and Linda


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