Ocean Phoenix

We have talked a little here and there about Ocean Phoenix, so I think it is time to cover her inside and out.

We purchased her just over a month ago on September 12, with her already on the hard. That meant that while we do not have to pay for hauling fees this year, we will have to wait until next year to dip her in the water. We did spend two weekends on board to get everything cleaned out and winterized. Worked and resolved some electrical issues we had, (still a few more lights to get working next year though).

The main electronics are Ockam and are a bit dated but the Chartplotter/Radar and auto pilot are Raymarine so we will likely build on that system and add Raymarine Speed/depth and wind instruments next year.

The exterior is in nice condition but we will need to redo the anti slip paint and bottom paint soon. The gray anti slip paint was a selling feature for us as it adds some depth to the deck, we really liked the two-toned color. Bottom paint is something we all need to do… We will need to repair the boot of the mast, a port side stanchion, add an anchor locker and windlass, add a couple more cleats and a few more ports.

The interior will need a longer list, lol… We really need to do some research on how to work with teak. There are a few spots that seem to have been stained or something, its darker in color and has runs in it. The cushions are currently in our basement (more on this later) and we will have a lot of wires to trace and plumbing to up date.

It may seem like there is a lot of bad with this boat, but we were able to look past this. We will not be sailing full time until we retire at 55 so for us, the repairs that are needed are minor, what interested us the most was the open layout and accessibility. When we are in the cockpit there is a lot of room, both sitting and standing, when hit by waves the water will run straight out the transom. The top deck has a great shape to it and it’s really easily to navigate. As you enter the salon we have a split galley, stove and sink on the port side and ice box with ample work space on top on starboard side. This allows for more then one prep area. Under the stairs is our engine and the one of the points about the boat that we REALLY liked… We have access to all four sides of the engine as well as the top. So if something happens we have easy access. The rest of the boat is pretty basic, v-berth, aft cabin, head, wet locker and storage areas… but we really liked the basic setup. We can add our own touches, what works for us… and that is one of the reasons we bought this boat over the others…. it’s a clean slate.

Unfortunately our boat did not come with any information about the C&C 37R at all, and we would love to find some of the schematics for her. This will aid us greatly when redoing the wiring and plumbing. Please share this around in hopes that we may come across another 37R owner.

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