Mooring Location

Hey all, we are looking for a mooring location for next season.  Currently our boat is on the hard in Barrington, Rhode Island.  We have really come to enjoy the Rhode Island area as well as Bedford, Massachusetts. Though we are totally open to suggestions…

But first, some information is needed…Ocean Phoenix has 8′ draft (yes, we know that is a lot, we are fine with this).  Her length over all is 39.5′, beam is 12.58″, air draft is between 62′ and 68′ (we will need to measure this) and displacement is 14,900 pounds.

So as you can see, we are in need of a deep water mooring that will still have enough depth when the tide is out.  Below is a list of some of the items that interest us when choosing a mooring;

  • Location – Our home is located in Troy, NY and we would prefer to keep her within a 3 hour drive
  • Not too much traffic – we have seen some that are under or close by heavily used bridges
  • Dingy service is an interesting aspect, during certain hours you can use a ferry system to and from the dock
  • The ability to bbq on our deck – if a dock is suggested.
  • Swimming location close by
  • Preferably less than $65/ft for a seasonal mooring.

Please drop us a line and let us know your thoughts…have you heard of a mooring coming available, do you know of a location for us to call or prehaps its your fav spot and we can get together for a sundowner…either way!


4 Replies to “Mooring Location”

  1. Contact Oldport Marine Services, 1Sayets Wharf in Newport, RI They have moorings for seasonal rentals in Newport Harbor, and provide launch service.


  2. We travel from SW NH and have had our 6’2″ draft moored at various places from Cape Cod, to Buzzards Bay (Mattapoisett Boat Yard), to the West Side of Narragansett Bay where deep draft mooring is hard to come by so we were at a dock) and we are now docked in New London, CT for family reasons. Considering your drive, have you looked into We have never seasoned there but our stays have always been favorable and they may have room – it is deep.


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