OK, Ocean Phoenix is currently on the hard 😦 , but we will be launching her next season and staying on a mooring.  (We have no idea where yet, this will be a new post.)  We are hoping to launch as early as we can but we do have some repairs that have to be taken care of first.

List One – repairs that should be done before we launch

  • Does our head work? We know we need to replace the Y valve cause its stuck pumping overboard.
  • Install a macerating pump
  • Install new water bladder
  • Install new waste bladder
  • Inspect the packing gland
  • Inspect all through hulls.
  • Purchase a stern boarding ladder and install.
  • Remove old name of the boat and install new lettering and graphics
  • Painting the exterior of the vessel – Bottom paint.
  • Nav, stern, masthead and steaming lights need to work.
  • Electrical woe’s – desperately need a refit soon! We did however get the water & bilge pumps running.  Also, finally got the GPS to get a fix.

List Two – repairs that can be done while on a mooring

  • Teak repair and conditioning
  • Build and insert shelves into the aft cabin
  • Build and install an anchor locker
  • Convert ice box to refrigeration unit
  • Replace or repair some of the floor
  • Painting the interior of the vessel

As with all or many sailboats, you may find that this list continues to grow…I am sure that will be the case with us as well!  But you know what?  We love a good project and we really can’t wait to get started.

Like and follows us here and on Social Media to watch our progress.  Does our list grow?  Will it shrink?  Time will tell, but one thing is for sure, we will love every second of it and share it with you! 🙂

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