Boat Shopping

If you read our previous post, then you already know that we had a great time on Yellow Jacket.  She is a fabulous vessel, but we have decided to pursue our forever boat.  The first boat that we looked at was a C&C 41, she was a really nice boat, up to date, clean and ready to go. This boat was open and bright, the owner had installed some really nice additions as well.  This being my first boat shopping experience, I really wanted to look around.  James and I agreed that we would take our time and perhaps make the purchase in the spring.  On to boat number two, this was a C&C 37R, she was in bad shape, not only was she dirty, but almost everything was out dated, and the cushions all torn.  She was a racing boat through and through and only ever used as such. The v-berth and table were out, everything was bare and empty.  She had also been sitting on the hard for 3 years. But she had a completely different layout versus the 41.  This boat had an aft cabin as well as a split galley.  This was food for thought. Number 3 was a C&C 40 Deep Keel,  very clean boat, but it felt small and closed in, we spent about 10 minutes on the boat and we were ready to leave.  Number 4 was a C&C 44, she was awesome.  She had an aft cabin, which by now was becoming a must, beautiful wood work, everything we needed and just a little cleaning. This boat had two heads, ample storage in the aft cabin for clothes and such, doors to close off the two main cabins and so much more.

But at home each night, we always come back to one boat…the C&C 37R, yes she needed work, and a good cleaning, but at the end of the day she had everything that we wanted.  We went back for a second view and look in, at, over and under everything that would move, and we loved her even more.

The paperwork is complete and we are the proud owners of Ocean Phoenix (we gave her this new name).  WOOT WOOT 🙂

Stay tuned and we will tell you more about our decision to buy the C&C 37R over the others.

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