Our Vacation

On Friday morning we drove from our home in New York to Gananoque, Ontario to launch there.  After stepping our mast and loading up our supplies we got Yellow Jacket into the water.  We left her tied off near the boat ramp while we park the truck and trailer in the designated area.  Gananoque is wonderful, we were able to access their free shuttle to and from the marina and the parking lot or stores. After checking in and getting our slip number for the evening we were all set. We spend two nights at the Gananoque Marina as a big storm was coming through.  Sunday morning was brilliant, the sun was out and the weather was warm.  We headed to Endyimion Island first and had intentions on staying on a mooring.  Due to water levels many of the docks and moorings were closed.  We did find a small space on one of the docks (good thing she is only 22′).  On Tuesday we sailed around a little and decided to check out Beau Rivage.  We stayed for three nights on Beau Rivage.  We did some fishing, a lot of swimming, some snorkeling and hiking.  The sunsets were amazing. On Thursday we were back in the marina in prep for leaving on Friday morning.  She came out of the water just as easy as she went in.  Everything was loaded and ready to go.  End of our vacation 😦 , but we had an amazing time 🙂 .


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